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Gabrielle - CA Institute of Technology
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Cards Against Humanity
Science Ambassador Scholarship
Judge (Elena Chartoff)

A full–tuition college scholarship for a woman in science, technology, engineering, or math. Funded by Cards Against Humanity.

Sala - sophomore at Stanford University, studying mechanical engineering
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Eva - junior at MIT studying physics. 
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McLean’s Mental Health Research Summer Program

A 10-week paid summer research program that will engage scientific curiosity, create research opportunities, and promote academic success in the science of mental health for promising young Black, Indigenous, and underrepresented People of Color (BIPOC) who are considering a career in research or may have never considered it. MMHRSP offers a hands-on research experience to BIPOC students at McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School’s psychiatric teaching hospital.  Our goal is to increase representation and diversity in basic and clinical neuroscience mental health research.  

MMHRSP committee 050521.jpeg

MMHRSP Committee members.
From L to R: David Crowley, Elena Chartoff, PhD (PI), Yanay Alonso-Caraballo, PhD, Steph Maddox, PhD, Oluwarotimi (Timi) Folorunso, PhD (Director)

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