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Current Position
Instructor, Dept. of Psychiatry
Staff Scientist, Frank Slack, Ph.D. lab, BIDC

Dr. Mavrikaki conducted a postdoctoral fellowship in Dr. Chartoff's lab from 2014 - 2017, at which point she was promoted to Instructor and continued in the lab until 2019.  Maria's research focused on mechanisms underlying effects of stress and sex on prescription opioid self-administration in rats. She was awarded the 2015 Jonathan Edward Brooking Award for Mental Health Research from McLean Hospital and the 2017 Eleanor & Miles Shore Fellowship from Harvard Medical School.

In 2019, Dr. Mavrikaki joined Dr. Frank Slack's Non-coding RNA Research Lab at BIDC, where she is studying the role of miRNAs in opioid addiction.

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Current Position
Manager, Market Research, Alkermes

Dr. Sparrow conducted a postdoctoral fellowship in Dr. Chartoff's lab from 2011 - 2014, where her research focused on understanding molecular mechanisms underlying the aversive effects of kappa opioid receptor (KOR) activation in rodent models. Angela was awarded the McLean Hospital Kaneb Fellowship in Psychiatry for her work. 

Currently, Dr. Sparrow is a manager for Market Research at Alkermes.

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Current Position
Graduate student, Dept. of Neuroscience, Wake Forest School of Medicine

Nick was a Research Assistant in Dr. Chartoff's lab from 2018 - 2021, where he worked primarily on behavioral experiments examining sex differences in the rewarding and reinforcing effects of the prescription opioid oxycodone. Nick also spearheaded the use of chemogenetics (DREADDs) in the lab, which made him our number one stereotactic surgeon.  

Currently, Nick is exploring Winston-Salem, NC and learning about all the exciting labs in which he can complete his Ph.D.



Current Position

Graduate student, Moron-Concepcion laboratory, Washington U., StL, MO

Tania was a Research Assistant in Dr. Chartoff's lab from 2017 - 2020, where she managed  three separate projects. First, she tested the effects of morphine exposure and withdrawal on oxycodone self-administration in male and female rats. Second, she tested the effects of perinatal oxycodone exposure on reward function in the pups as they aged. Third, she worked on a pilot study with NIck Constantino testing the hypothesis that a ketogenic diet will reduce opioid withdrawal signs in rats. She is an expert behavioral neuroscientist and was an excellent mentor and trainer for all new lab members.

Currently, Tania is a graduate student in Dr. Jose Moron-Concepcion's lab at Washington University in St. Louis, School of Medicine. 


Master in Public Health in Health and Social Behavior, Harvard School of Public Health


Current Position

Development Manager at InnerCity Weightlifting (ICW)

Sarah Page was a Research Assistant in Dr. Chartoff's lab from 2015 - 2017, where she completed a project characterizing in vivo pharmacokinets and pharmacodynamics of novel, short-acting  kappa opioid receptor (KOR) antagonists

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